Senso is a creative union of website designers. Tired of both the boring office routine and lonely freelancer’s life, we opted for a mobile team of professionals enjoying the diversity of our client base and world scenery. We are passionate about fancy Web 2.0 techniques and traditional information design, edgy entertainment projects and slick business concepts. We are a brainstorm group, tossing ideas around and helping each other, and a flexible organization with a number of subcontractors able to take on multiple projects at a time. And we are an off-hour party crew! :)

Currently based out of sunny Valencia (Spain), Senso is a truly cosmopolitan studio. We continuously travel around the world and are having an awesome time seeing wonderful places, learning different cultures and meeting new people. We carefully gather the pollen grains of beauty and inspiration to keep fascinating web people with our juicy and fragrant designs. They say we’ve been doing just great lately!